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uTap shares your details, social profiles, and business activities with one simple Tap. No App Required.

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Customized Cards for your Business

All uTap products are fully customizable to meet your business needs

How it Works

Pair your uTap

Tap your uTap on your phone, click on the link, then enter an email and password to activate it.


Create your Profile

Complete the setup process by entering your social and business details.

Start Tapping

Share your details by simply tapping your uTap on any iOs or Android device. All information can be directly imported into recipients phonebook.


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All uTap products work exactly the same way!

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Our Services

Simple, transparent pricing
Great for Individuals


Card lasts forever
Features constantly updated
Unlimited profile edits
No subscriptions EVER
No APP Required
Great for your Business


All personal features included
Admin access dashboard
Instant edits for multiple profiles
Reuse cards for different employees
Discounts on bulk orders
Get a Quote
Minimum order of 20
$4,497 billed quarterly
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Utilize our tech to build custom software

Adapt our product to suit your company's needs
Hire our team of expert software developers and designers
Give us an idea and we'll bring it to life
The sky is the limit
Fully personalized service
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Completed Custom Projects
$4,497 billed quarterly

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Compare any 2 cameras with the compare button on the top left of each product.